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Trekking in Yubeng Village and Mt. Meili

North of Yunnan, Border Between Yunnan and Tibet
Start - Finish
Yubeng Village-Jiabi Village
Trekking Time
May to Oct
5 Days
Tour Map
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YuBeng Village is a secluded Tibetan village at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain. Trekking around this relatively untouched region is pure joy and one feels totally in harmony with nature. This trekking tour offers us a good combination of culture and scenery. We will get real close to the Naxi minority in Lijiang and Tibetans in Zhongdian. Tinger Leaping Gorge, Meili Mountain, Yubeng village and the remote Shangrila county will be the highlights of this tour.

Itinerary day by day

Day 1: Kunming

KunmingToday's Highlights:

Airport Pickup; Kunming Minority Nationalities Museum.


Arrive in Kunming, Capital of Yunnan, Kunming is the gate of China to South East Asia. The trade to Burma, Thailand and Vietnam is very flourishing. As its climate is nice all over the year, Kunming is also famous for its various kinds of flowers.

Transfer to Hotel, visit Kunming Minority Nationalities Museum.


1. Kunming is located at the high altitude, due to the heavy sunshine, the sunglasses and sunblock are necessary to bring; 2. The temperature here varies a lot between day and night, keeping warm in night is important; 3. Many minorities live toghether in Yunnan, when travelling here, please respect their culture and protect the environment.

Day 2: Lijiang

LijiangToday's Highlights:

Lijiang; Black Dragon Pool; Dayan Old Town


Taking early flight from Kunming - Lijiang: Today you will visit a traditional Naxi village, where life has gone relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. Black Dragon Pool, where the snow-capped mountains seemingly shimmer as they are reflected in the waters of the lake.

This afternoon has been left free for further independent exploration the Old Town, which is located at an altitude of almost 8,000 feet and a UN World Heritage Site. The old part of the town has wonderful old cobbled streets, meandering streams and views that will take your breath away.


1. Sunshine in Lijiang is strong, sunglasses and sunblocks are necessary; 2. When shopping in Lijiang town, bargainning is necessary. Usually you can get the products only for 1/3 of the owner asked for.

Day 3: Lijiang-Shangrila

Tiger Leaping GorgeToday's Highlights:

Shangrila; Tiger Leaping Gorge


Drive to Shangri-la and have a stop at the Tiger leaping Gorge, which is one of the world's four great gorges. (Or you can do a 3 days trekking for Tiger Leaping Gorge, please click here to check the detail itinerary)


1. A pair of sport shoes or climbing shoes, a hat and a pair of sunglasses are necessary; 2. Bring some water; 3. If only driving to see Tiger Leaping Gorge, 1 day is enough for coming and back; If you want to have a trek here, usually needs 3 days. 4. Please protect the environment when traveling.

Day 4: Shangri-la

Sumtselin LamaseryToday's Highlights:

Sumtselin Lamasery; Baishuitai


Being so high, an average of 3,200 m, and the relief is similar to Tibet, Shangril-a is inhabited by Khamba people, a branch of Tibetan, for more than 1,000 years. Lifestyle has all characteristics of highland Tibetan culture: Barely cultivation, yaks, and monasteries.

If most of Tibetan is known as very poor and have difficult living condition, Tibetan in Shangri-la has perhaps the best conditions.Their house is normally very large and perfectly constructed their main income: timber exploitation, medicine plants and mushroom cultivation. Visit Sumtselin lamasery, the largest lamasery in Yunnan. Driving to Baishuitai in about 2 hours, visit the nature rice terrace.


1. Shangri-la is located at 3,300 meters above the sea level, for those who has suffered from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and heart disease, please do not come; 2. When in Shangrila, walk slowly, no acute exercise, no alcohol; 3. Bring sunglasses, sunblock, and enough clothes; 4. You can prepare some candies, pencils, or books as the gifts for the local children. 5. Please respect the local people and culture and protect the environment. 6. After Shangri-la, it is difficult to find the bank or ATM. So if you have the need, draw some cash here.

Day 5: Shangrila - Deqin

Villages on the Way to Dongzhulin MonasteryToday's Highlights:

Deqin; Dongzhulin Lamasery;


Shangri-la to Deqin by car in about 4 hours over White Horse Snow Mountain 4,300 m, visit Dongzhulin lamasery. Deqin, one of the 3 counties attached to Zhongdian Tibetan area, is located in the basin on the altiplano surrounded by the huge mountains. Because it borders Tibet, the resident is less influenced by Han people.

Day 6: Deqin - Xidan hot spring

Feilai Si to XidangToday's Highlights:

Driving to Feilai Si; Trekking to Xidang


Start trekking along the inner pilgrim around the highest snow mountain in Yunnan (6,700 m). The pilgrim has two kinds: outer and inner trekking around the holy mountain once a year for the local Tibetan people.

Driving 10 km to Flying over Lamasery (Feilaisi), trekking 4 or 5 hours all the way down to Mekong River, cross the river by the bridge. Having picnic lunch in a lamasery, then trek all the way up to Xidang in 2 hours.


1. Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes  for avoiding one is getting wet. 2. Bring enough clothes, sunglasses, sunblocks. If travelling in the rainy season (usually from May to October), bring a rainproof. 3. Respect their culture, do not touch other's head; when in monastery, no hat, no short pants, no smoking, no baboosh. 4. Yubeng village is still a remote area, there is no signals for mobile phone. You can prepare some candies or stationery as the gifts for the children here.

Day 7: Xidan hot spring - Zhongweicun village - Yubeng village

Lower Yubeng VillageToday's Highlights:

Treeking to Yubeng Village


Yubeng village is located at the foot of Karwa Karpo Snow Mountain, which has nearly 200 Tibetan families live around. It is really the Shangri-la, the paradise: there is no pollution, automobile, TV, shopping and even the telephone, but only the holy snow mountain under the blue sky with rustic, friendly people. It is the base for us during the next 3 days trekking.

6 hours trek over a mountain pass named Nanzhuka (3,750 m) in the well-protected virgin forest. As soon as you get to the top of the mountain for lunch, it seems the huge snow mountain jumps to your eyes immediately.

Day 8: Yubeng - Foot of Meili snow mount - Shenpu (water fall) - Yubeng

Yubeng ShenpuToday's Highlights:

Trekking to Yubeng Shenpu


6 hours trekking forth and back towards the snow mountain, through the forest and grassland along the beautiful river up and down. On the way, you will find colourful cloth strips hanging on the trees, which are fastened by local Tibetan people while they walk for pilgrim - a good wish for health and property. Because of the low temperature in the winter, the waterfall will be icing up.

Day 9: Yubeng - Camp - Foot of Glacier - Yubeng

Mingyong GlacierToday's Highlights:

Trekking to Foot of Glacier


Trekking for 7 or 8 hours forth and back towards the snow mountain in different direction, you will find the view quite different from yesterday: besides the scenery, there are some Tibetan villages scattered on the hillside, white and brown, it looks like a picture. It is also the route for Sino-Japan joined climbing team in the year of 1991. We stop at a beautiful ice lake and return.

Day 10: Yubeng - Ninong village

Mekong RiverToday's Highlights:

Trekking to Ninong Village


Trekking for 6 hours along the Yubeng River to the Mekong river point. You might be little willies and exciting because some parts of Yubeng river valley are so deep that you have to walk close to the mountain side (actually the path in general is 1 or 1.5 m wide).

Day 11: Weixi town

Today's Highlights:

Trekking to Jiabi Village; Driving to Weixi Town; Cizhong Chruch


Trekking Ninong to Jiabi village (2 and half hours). Met by the car and transfer to Weixi Town (Lisu people) 225 km. Visit the famous Christian Church - Cizhong.

Day 12: Weixi - Lijiang, 220 km

Today's Highlights:

Back to Lijiang; Free exploration of Lijiang


Drive back from Mekong River to Yangtze River again. Afternoon will be free for further exploring the old town of Lijiang.

Day 13 Leave Yunnan

Today's Highlights:

Take Flight to Your Next Destination


Tour ends today. You can catch the flight to Kunming, Chengdu or other destination. Hope you have a good time with us in Yunnan.


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