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8 Days Nyingchi Tour to Explore Southeast Tibet

Trip Length
8 Days
Lhasa - Draksum Tso (Basumtso lake) - Nyingchi (Linzhi Bayi) - Namchabarwa - Lulang Forest - Pome - Midui Glacier - Ranwu Lake (Ngan Tso) - Lhasa
Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Draksum Tso Lake (Basongcuo Lake), Mt. Namcha Barwa, Lulang Forest, Midui Glacier, Ranwu Lake (Ngan-tso)
Southeast Tibet


Nyingchi tour to southeast Tibet starting from Lhasa, the sunshine city, driving to the holy natural oxygen bar, the sole backyard garden of the snow land, green Switzerland of Tibet - Nyingchi Prefecture, finally arrive in Pome - the hometown of glaciers. 

Visit the charming holy lake Draksum Tso, Namcha Barwa, Ranwu Lake Ngan-tso, and Midui Glaicer with the lowest altitude among the glaciers in the world and one of the largest oceanic glaciers in China. Passing the grassland, primitive forest, and snow mountains, enjoy our breaths in the paradisal land to relax heart and soul.   

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 01 Arrive in Lhasa for acclimatization

Lhasa River of Yarlung TsangpoToday's highlights:

Tibet Lhasa Airport/train station transfer to the hotel.


Fly into Lhasa, Tibet or arrive in Lhasa by Tibet train. Local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can appreciate the heart-beating highland view along the Yarlung Tsangpo river (the longest river in Tibet and highest river on the earth with an average altitude of 4,000 meters), originating from Jiemayangzong Glacier on the northern Himalayas.

From Lhasa airport to downtown, it costs 1 and half hour by car; and from Lhasa railway station, it costs 20 minutes by car.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice for the 1st Day in Lhasa:
If it’s the first time for you to reach the high altitude over 3,000 meters, please prepare well for avoiding altitude sickness. Check more knowledge about Acute Mountain Sickness - AMS.

On the first day arrival in Lhasa, we suggest you never walk too much, but rest more. Drink more water, no smoking and alcohol. Don’t eat too much for dinner to bring heavy burden to the stomach. At the same time, don’t worry too much about the AMS, it’s quite normal you will feel headache, lack of appetite, or even feel like vomiting. Most people who arrive at high altitude from a lower place will have such symptoms. You will gradually adapt to it while in Tibet.

Day 02 Lhasa Sightseeing Tour

Potala Palace Night ViewToday's highlights:

Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, Barchor Street


Today’s activities to tour Lhasa are comparatively easy to do, most of the sightseeings are inside of the holy city.

Our highlight today begins at Potala Palace. This architectural complex combines the palace, castle and monastery. Potala Palace is composed of Red Palace and White Palace. The Red Palace or Potrang Marpo is part of the Potala palace that is completely devoted to religious study and Buddhist prayer, while the White Palace or Potrang Karpo is the part of the Potala Palace that makes up the living quarters. (We'll lead you to take photos of Potala Square, overhang of Chokpori and reflection pool).

After lunch, we'll head to Jokhang Temple which was established in the 7th century. Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa is the spiritual center of Tibet, the Holy of Holies, the destination of millions of Tibetan pilgrims.

Walking out of the Temple, we'll stroll around the Barkhor Street which is next to Jokhang Temple. Barkhor Street is one of the oldest streets in Lhasa, full of blast. There are various of merchants with local characteristics. It is the pilgrims' kora route, as well as travelers’ shopping paradise. You'd better walk clockwise on this street to avoid to be bumped.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice for Shopping in Lhasa:
Doing shopping at Barchor street, you’d better shop around to find the best price for the same product. Sometimes the same products in different stores can differ by more than ten times costier. When you buy the jewelries in the stores, you have to identify if they’re real or fake.

Day 03 Lhasa - Bayi, Capital Town of Nyingchi Prefecture

Draksum Tso - Basumtso LakeToday's highlights:

Mila Mountain Pass, Draksum Tso lake - also known as Basumtso Lake or Basongcuo


We start early today from Lhasa after breakfast in the hotel, via Medro Gongga, drive over the Mila mountain pass (altitude 5,013m), where you can take photos with the Yak Statue at the top of the snow mountain, enjoy the scenery along the Niyang River.

Draksum Tso (Basumtso lake) is the holy lake of red hats. In Tibetan, it means ‘3 rocks and 3 lakes’, it’s completely surrounded by lush green primitive forests. On the top of the mountain, it’s snow gleaming; at the foot of the mountain, it’s green and luxuriant. The Draksumtso lake is 18km long, the depths of 120 meters. The lake shaped like a moon which set in the canyon. There is an island in the heart of the lake, and an ancient monastery was located on the island. It’s 1500 years old.

After visiting Draksum Tso (Basumtso lake), we will drive to Bayi town, the capital of Nyingchi prefecture. Transfer to the hotel to rest after 8 hours driving, 500km today.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice for Optional Activity at your own expense:
You can take the boat to visit the landscape of lakes and mountains at 50RMB/p.p.

Day 04 Nyingchi Bayi - Lulang Forest - Pome

Lulang Forest to View Mt Namcha BarwaToday's highlights:

Mt. Serkhym-la, Distance View of Namcha Barwa, Lulang Forest


Today we will drive to Lulang Forest via Mt. Serkhym-la (altitude 4,702m). At the observation deck of Mt. Serkhym-la, we can visit Mt. Namche Barwa(altitude 7,782m) in distance, which is one of the top 10 beautiful mountains in China. If weather permits, you will have a chance to see the quiet and holy snow mountain.

Then we will arrive at Lulang Forest (altitude 3,700m), which is a mountain plateau of 15km long. The green mountains were formed by spruces and pines. It’s a natural oxygen bar where you can have a deep breath of the freshest air.

After visiting Lulang forest, we will continue driving to Pome via Tongmai, where we will drive the most dangerous 10km. Stay overnight in Pome.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice for Namcha Barwa and Pome Tour:
The temperature on the high plateau is rather low at night especially when you visit the lakes and Mt. Namcha Barwa, you’d better bring enough cold-proof clothes. Accommodation condition in Pome is rather simple. You are suggested to bring your own sleeping bag for sanitory porpose.

Day 05 Pome - Midui Glacier - Ranwu Lake

Oceanic Glacier Midui in PomeToday's highlights:

Midui Glacier, Ranwu Lake


Morning we will set off to our destination today- Ranwu Lake, also called Ngan Tso. On the way, we stop at Midui Village to visit Midui Glacier famed as the most beautiful glacier in China. Midui Glacier was convergent by two ice falls, there’re primitive forests between the two ice falls. The snow capped mountains, glaciers, forests, and lakes are all combined together here to make it beautiful as paradise.

After visiting Midui Glacier, we will drive to Ranwu Lake, where the origin of Palongzangbu river. We will stay at the lake side tonight.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice for Visiting Midui Glacier:
Since we will visit the glacier in short distance today, please prepare sunglasses. Long times watching of snow and glaciers will set up irritation to eyes.

Day 06 Ranwu - Pome - Nyingchi

Ranwu Lake Sunrise Ngan TsoToday's highlights:

Sunrise of Ranwu Lake


We will get up early today to enjoy the sunrise of Ranwu Lake. After taking photos here at Ranwu lake, we will drive back to Pome via G318 China National Highway 318.

From Ranwu to Palongzangbu of Pome, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Sichuan-Tibet overland road. We recommend you to stop on the way frequently to take pictures, because there’re snow mountains, forests and lakes along the way. Drive back to Nyingchi Bayi town for a long driving journey about 9 hours today.

Tibet Travel Tips and Advice on Driving China National Highway 318:
Since we’re driving long distance today around 9 hours along the National Highway G318, you’d better bring some snacks to eat on the way.

Day 07 Nyingchi - Lhasa

Nyingchi Mila Mountain Pass Today's highlights:

Natural Scenery alond Niyang River, Back to Holy City Lhasa


Today we will drive back to Holy City Lhasa along the beautiful Niyang River, a major river in southeast Tibet and the longest tributary of Yarlung Tsangpo River. You can see the plaint the majesity, grandness and superb of the nature on the way back.

Day 08 Bid farewell to Lhasa

Today's highlights:

Transfer from hotel to airport or train station, Say goodbye to Lhasa


Our guide will meet you and pick you up in the hotel lobby, and you will be transferred to Lhasa Gonggar Airport or Lhasa Train Station to take flight or train out of Lhasa.

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