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Extensive Treks in Eastern Regions of Mt. Everest-Kangshung Face Trekking

East Face of Mt. Everest
Start - Finish
Langma la pass (5,350m), Shao la pass (5,030m)
May to Oct.
Trekking Time
8 Days' Circuit
Tour Map
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Kangshung Face trek of Mt. Everest is quite special with only a few people trekking this region in a year. A journey through the Kharta Valley, passing through several other verdant tiny valleys along the way which are dotted with beautiful lakes on a journey to the Kangshung face, the Eastern face of the Mt. Everest.

This isolated region borders Mt. Everest in the West, to the South lies the jagged Himalayan range of Makalu. North and East lies the arid Tibetan Plateau. The Karma Valley, at 4300m, is characterized by magnificent alpine scenery and rich flora and contains the highest known forests in the world. Three of the world's five highest peaks-Everest(8848m), Lhotse(8501m), and Makalu(8463m)- overlook the valley.

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1 Fly into Lhasa

Today's Highlights:

Airport Pickup; Rest in the Hotel


Taking the flight into Tibet. Upon your arrival, local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can enjoy the heart-beating highland view along the Lhasa River. The rest time is free for relax and adjustment.

Day 2 Lhasa Sightseeing

Jokhang TempleToday's Highlights:

Potala Palace; Jokhang Temple


Today, our highlights are Potala Palace and Jokhang temple. The cardinal landmark of Lhasa, Potala Palace, is a structure of massive portions. Its towering image already appearing on various occasions, but your first sight of the Potala will still be an awe-inspiring moment. Potala Palace is a place where you can appreciate the Tibetan culture, religion and art of architecture as well.

Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of Tibet. Every day, pilgrims from every corner of Tibet trek a long distance to the temple to pray for their now and future. The temple is the product of Han, Tibetan and Nepalese architectural techniques. Around the temple is the Barkhor Street, the oldest street in a very traditional city in Tibet. We can have a visit after the Jokhang visit. Out there, we can visit a handcraft product store.

Day 3 Lhasa Sightseeing

Sera MonasteryToday's Highlights:

Norbulingka; Lama Debating in Sera Monastery


Norbulingka used to be the Summer Palace for the Dalai Lamas where they handled political affairs, and practiced religious activities. The whole park has more than 370 rooms of different sizes, and lawns, shaded by green trees and embrided by various flowers. With the clear water, and the flowers and trees around, it is known as the "park within the park".

Sera is one of the greatest Gelugpa monasteries. Around 5km north of central Lhasa, It was founded in 1419 by Jamchen Choje, one of the eight disciples of Tsongkhapa, the founder of Gelugpa Sect, covering an area of 114,964 square metres. The structure is imposing, picturesque in disorder, and splendid in green and gold. It is a typical Tibetan architecture. The 'Buddhism Scriptures Debating' in Sera is very famous.

Day 4 Lhasa to Shigatse

Yamdroktso LakeToday's Highlights:

Drive to Shigatse; Yamdrok Tso; Palkhor Monastery


Today we will drive to Shigatse. Make a tour to Yamdroktso Lake on the way. Yamdroktso Lake is a coiling, many-armed body of water shaped like a scorpion. It doubles back on itself on the western side, effectively creating a large island within its reaches. For Tibetans, it is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.

Also, we will go for the tour of Palkhor monastery, built in the 15th century, is situated in the west of Gyantse Town with mountains enclosing form three sides of the east, west and north. Its uniqueness is that its three sects of Buddism-Shaja, Ningma and Guolu stayed harmoniously under one roof. We will stay in Shigatse tonight.

Day 5 Shigatse to Shegar

Today's Highlights:

Tashilhunpo Monastery; Free Market


After today's visits to Tashilumpo monastery and the local free market in Shigatse, we are heading to the town of Shegar, we might call it the gateway to Mt. Everest area. On the way, you are going to pass two high mountains named Gyula and Gyatsola.

Day 6 Shegar to Yueba

Camping at ChutangToday's Highlights:

Drive to Yueba; Prepare for the trekking


Drive from Shegar to Yueba via Kharta. Yueba sits on a small rise above the Khara Chu (Kharta River). After settle down, our priority is to hire yaks and yak handlers (sometimes we could only get porters) for next few days trekking. O/N camping.

Everest Kangshung Face Trekking begins from Day 7

Time Chart

Day            Places to Trek              Trekking Time
 1      Yueba-Base of Langma La         6 hours
 2      Base of Langma La-Cave          5 hours
 3              Cave-Pethang                 4 hours
 4      Pethang-Pethang Ringmo        5 hours
 5      Pethang Ringmo-Pethang        5 hours
 6            Pethang-Sharlung            5 hours
 7             Sharlung-Sharo              5 hours
 8               Sharo-Yueba                6 hours

Day 7 Trek from Yueba to Base of Langma LA   6 hours

View from Langma LaToday's Highlights:

Trek to Base of Langma La


Trek west along the Kharta valley passing the villages of Yarbu, Lhundrubling. Go through Lhundrubling village to walk up to the tip of a ridge that constitutes the east wall of the valley leading up to the Langma La. Mountains with snow and ice are all around. The Langma La is a rocky cliff with sheer sides. O/N camping.

Day 8 Trek from Langma La to Cave   5 hours

Makalu You Can See at Langma La PassToday's Highlights:

Trek to the Cave


This difficult day crosses the steep, three-tiered Langma La Pass. On the top of the Langma La, you can get a truly magnificent view of the Himalayas. To the left (southwest) rises Makalu (8,463m), while to the right (west) rises Mt. Everest. From this viewpoint, Mt. Everest is less impressive than Makalu. To the west is a wonderful amphitheater of jagged peaks and glaciers. From the pass, descend southward through grassy uplands and a couple of small lakes. Probably 2 in hours, you are reaching a substantial cave beneath a huge boulder. O/N camping

Day 9 Trek from Cave to Pethang   4 hours

Blue Lotus at Pethang Camp in Full BloomToday's Highlights:

Trek To Pethang


Head down the valley from the cave to a long, narrow terrace from the bottom of the Karma valley. A cave called Tangshum situaes near the edge of a bluff overlooking three valleys: the Langma La, the Karma, and the Chog La to the east. Near the valley confluence, a path leaves the terrace to descend to the Langma Chu and crosses to is righ bank, a pretty area with grassy meadow and meandering streams. Turn right here up the Karma Chu valley to Pethang, a grassy plain with stone huts for herders. O/N camping

Day 10 Trek Pethang to Pethang Ringmo-Kangshung Base Camp   5 hours

Sunrise on Kangshung Face East of Mt. EverestToday's Highlights:

Trek to Pethang Ringmo


Go west up the Karma valley, in about 2 hours, Mt. Everest comes in eyes for the firs time. On the left, a few kilometers away, is Chomo Lonzo (7,815m) and behind it, the multi-peaked Makalu. In about 3 hours, we reach Kangshung Face base camp (5,000m). This large, grassy area with stunning views of Mt. Everest (8,848m) and Lhose (8,516m) to he left is known as Pethang Ringmo. O/N camping

Day 11 Trek from Pethang Ringmo to Pethang   5 hours

Today's Highlights:

Trek back to Pethang


Return to Pethang

Day 12 Trek from Pethang to Sharlung   5 hours

Chok Qong GlacierToday's Highlights:

Trek to Sharlung


Trek back to a point below the Tangshum cave. Turn right along a ridge that overlooks the river valley, on the right, which extends to the northeast and the Chok La. Continue to the endof the ridge to its end and descend for a short distance to another cave called Sharlung. O/N camping

Day 13 Trek from Sharlung to Sharo   5 HOURS

View of Mountain Makalu from Shao Tso LakeToday's Highlights:

Trek to Sharo


From Sharlung, we turn north and cross two ridges to reach a wooded valley. The abundant moisture of Karma valley derives from Makalu. Turn left a the valley and begin the ascent towards the Shao La. Makalu's eastern glacier appears and all around the path are sheer, black cliffs. At the foot of the pass, on he left, is Sharo cave. O/N camping

Day 14 tREK FROM Sharo to Yueba   6 HOURS

Kangshung Face Trekking Route is the Kingdom of Azaleas You can See EverywhereToday's Highlights:

Trek to Yueba


From the cave to the Shao La pass (5,030m) is an easy 2-hour ascent. Descend northward o an open area next to a lake. The trail continues north to the Kharta valley at Yarbu. Turn right along the right bank of he Kharta River to get back to Yueba O/n in camping.

Day 15 Yueba to Rongbuk

Mount Everest View from Rongbuk MonasteryToday's Highlights:

Drive to Rongbuk Monastery


Drive from Yueba to Rongbuk monastery (5,200m), which is the highest monastery in the world. It takes 6 hours drive to Rongbuk to view the North face of the Mt. Everest (8,848 m).

Day 16 Rongbuk to Lhatse

Today's Highlights:

Drive to Lhatse


Drive back to Lhatse.

Day 17 Lhatse to Lhasa

Today's Highlights:

Back to Lhasa


Today we will drive back to Lhasa city, other time is free for you, and you can buy some presents for your friends or your family.

Day 18 Leave Lhasa

Today's Highlights:

Tour Ends


Today, we will transfer you to the airport/railway station. Say bye-bye to Tibet.

Tips for This Tour

1. The weather is changeable, as well as the temperature;
2. Lots of places are damp, so equipped with the waterproofed camera;
3. No food supply after Kharta, make sure you have enough stuffs for eating, wearing, and taking. 8 days is comparatively long for trekking, a professional cook is necessary;
4. Although it is possible to trek here for most of the year, May to October being the best bet (expect rain in July and August in the lower regions);
5. Respect the people here (mostly Sherpa) and respect their local custom;
6. Drink lots of water before departure;
7. No alcohol;
8. Avoid catching cold and bring some medicine;
9. Cold in night, bring enough clothes to keep warm;

Your Control on This Tour

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