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12 Days Sacred Circuit Trip Lhasa-Gyaca-Nyingchi-Tsetang for Lhamo Lhatso Tour

Trip Length
12 Days
Lhasa-Nyingchi-Bayi-Gyatsa-Mainling-Chokorgye-Lhamo Latso-Tsetang
Trekking Time
3 Days


The highlights of the tour are two sacred lakes-Draksum Tso and Lhamo Latso. Lhamo Latso, the holiest lake in Tibet. It is a Tibetan belief older than Buddhism that every individual, every family, and an entire country, possesses a 'life-spirit,' called la. This la is embodied in natural phenomena, such as mountains, lakes, trees and so on. When the place of residence of the la is damaged, the individual, family or nation suffers directly. Thus when a lake that is the home of the la dries up, this omen of death or disaster can inflict the terrible result that is presaged. The life-spirit of Tibet is identified with Lhamo Latso.

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 01 Arrive at Lhasa for acclimatization by air or train

Today's highlights:

Airport/train station transfer to hotel, Acclimatize to the High Altitude.


Fly into Lhasa or arrive in Lhasa by train. Local guide will meet you and transfer you to Lhasa. On the way, you can appreciate the heart-beating highland view along the Yarlong Tsangpo river (the longest river in Tibet and highest river on the earth with an average altitude of 4,000 meters), originating from Jiemayangzong Glacier on the northern Himalayas.

Day 02 Sightseeing in Lhasa

Overlooking Potala Palace from the roof of Jokhang TempleToday's highlights:

Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, Barkhor Street


Today, you will visit the highest palace in the world-Potala Palace which is the Dalai Lama's winter palace. It locates on the red hill, a good viewing point in Lhasa.

In the afternoon, we go to the renowned Jokhang Temple which will provide you one of your first sights of devout Tibetans. In the temple you will see the glistening Sakyamuni statue which is considered as Tibetan Buddhism's rarity.

After then, stroll around the bustling Barkhor Street.

Day 03 Lhasa-Ganden or Drak Yerpa-Lhasa

Ganden Monastery in the countryside of LhasaToday's highlights:

Ganden Kora, Family Visit in Countryside, Drak Yerpa


Drive to Ganden monastery, the first monastery belonged to Yellow Hat sect. You could see the countryside views there. One the way have a family visit (optional) You can have a easier or harder hike at Ganden. High kora or low kora depends on your physical condition. The high kora climbs Angkor Ri south of Ganden and then drops down the ridge to join up with the lower kora. The low kora is easier than high kora.

Drak Yerpa hermitage is one of the holiest cave retreats in Tibet. The site is deeply peaceful and has stunning views. There are many caves and retreats higher up the cliff face. There, you can have a climb on the hill. It is said that Lhasa is the shrine of Tibet, Drak Yerpa is the shrine of Lhasa. Without seeing Drak Yerpa in Lhasa is just like making a dress without the collar.

Day 04 Lhasa-Tsurphu Monastery-Draksum Tso

Today's highlights:

Tsurphu Monastery


Drive to Tsurphu Monastery which was built in 1187 is the most important monastery of the Karma Kagyu lineage. Head to Basomtso Lake or called Draksum Tso in Bayi via Medro Gongkar.

Day 05 Basomtso-Bayi

Basomtso Lake (Draksum Tso) is the holy lake of NyingtriToday's highlights:

Basomtso Lake (Draksum Tso), Nyingtri


Basomtso Lake or called Draksum Tso via Medro Gongkar is located in Nyingchi which is said to be the copy of Switzerland: stiff peaks, snow mountains, crystal lake, green vegetation, island in the small lake. We have to head to Bayi instead of Mainling.

Day 06 Bayi-Gyaca

Today's highlights:

Continue out trip to Gyaca


Long distance driving to Gyatsa county.

Day 07 Gyantsa-Chokorgye

The sacred lake Lhamo Latso could see your past and futureToday's highlights:

Chokorgye Monastery


Drive to Chokorgye which is the start point to trek to Lhamo Latso Lake.

Day 08 Trek from Chokorgye to Lhamo Latso 4hrs.

Day 09 Walk down the scree slopes to the lake shore, camp tonight at the lakeside

Day 10 Return from the valley bottom to the top

Day 11 Drive to Tsetang

Today's highlights:

Yambu Lagang


Drive to Tsetang, the cradle land of Tibetan. Visit Yumbu Lagang the first palace in Tibet.

Day 12 Tsedang-Gonggar Airport

Today's highlights:

Airport/train station transfer


Transfer to Gonggar Airport or Lhasa Railway Station to take flight or train out of Lhasa.

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