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Sichuan Tours

Sichuan has abundant tour resources, besides the well known Chengdu city, pandas, Jiuzhaigou Valley, there are less touristy Kham area and Aba. Please see the list of our best-sale programs or customize your private Sichuan-Kham tour according to your travel needs.

Featured Sichuan Tours

Trip to Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve - the last Shangri la on earth

Tour to Daocheng and Yading

Route: Chengdu - Rilong - Xinduqiao - Litang - Daocheng - Yading - Daocheng - Xinduqiao - Chengdu
Overland Aba, Ganzi, the largest Panda Breeding Base, magnificent Mt Siguniang, stone watchtowers, alpine meadows and the tour destination: Mt kongarimsongongbo

Changping Valley

7 Days Tour to Kham Tibet in Sichuan

Route: Chengdu - Wolong - Rilong - Danba - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Hailuogou - Chengdu
Wolong Panda Base, Mt. Siguning (also called Mt. Four Girls), Changpinggou Valley, Danba village, Bamei grassland, Tagong grassland, Xinduqiao village, Kangding county, Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park

Basumtso Lake

Tour to Eastern of Tibet (Lhasa and Kham)

Route: Lhasa - BasumTso - Bayi - Pomi - Pashu - Markham - Litang - Ganzi - Manigango - Dege - Chamdo - Tengchen - Sok - Nagchu - Namtso Lake - Lhasa
Basumtso Lake, Bayi Town, Pomi, Neru Monastery, Dola Monastery, Markham, Litang, Yihun La-tso Lake, Derge, Jampaling Monastery, Tengchen Monastery, Sok Tsaden Monastery Nagchu

Mt. Siguniang

Trekking to East Alps-Mt. Siguniang

Route: Chengdu - Rilong - Mt. Siguniang trekking - Rilong - Chengdu
Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Wolong Panda Base, Mt. Siguniang trekking, Dafeng Climbing, Haizi Valley, Shuangqiaogou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

3 Days Tour to Jiuzhaigou Valley

Route: Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu
National Nature Reserve - Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong National Park, Nuorilang and Shuzheng Valley Waterfalls

Classic Sichuan Tours

Sanxingdui Museum

Chengdu One Day Tour to Panda Base and Sanxingdui Museum

Route: Chengdu - Panda Base - Sanxingdui Museum - Chengdu
Watching lovely panda in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pand Breeding

Mt Qingcheng

Chengdu One Day Tour to Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mt. Qingcheng

Route: Chengdu - Dujiangyan Irrigation System - Mt.Qingcheng - Chengdu
World Heritage Sightseeing - Dujiangyan Irrigation system, Headstream of Chinese Taoism-Mt.Qingcheng

Mount Emei Summit

Two Days Tour to Leshan Grand Buddha and Mt. Emei

Route: Chengdu - Leshan Grand Buddha - Mt. Emei - Chengdu
World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sightseeing: Leshan Grand Buddha, Mt.Emei, Baoguosi temple, Golden summit, Wanniansi temple

Sichuan Group Tours

Chengdu Panda Base

Join-In Day Group Tour to Visit Chengdu Giant Panda & Leshan Giant Buddha

Route: Chengdu - Giant Panda Base - Leshan Giant Buddha
A day trip to Chengdu and Leshan sharing with other overseas travelers: hold a panda to have an intimate contact with giant pandas less than 1-year-old, visit Leshan Grand Buddha by boat or walking.

Leshan Grand Buddha Tour

2 Days Group of Leshan Grand Buddha and Mountain Emei Tour 

Route: Chengdu - Panda Base - Leshan Grand Buddha - Mt. Emei  
Chengdu Panda Base, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mountain Emei, Golden Summit, Giant Statue of Buddha Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Half Mountain, Wannian Temple, Monkey Zone 

Mount Siguniang Hiking for First Peak Climbing

4 Days Mount Siguniang Hiking Group for First Peak Climbing

Route: Chengdu - Rilong - Mt. Siguniang - First Peak Summit 
Mountain Siguniang, Dafeng Climbing, Hiking Route Rilong-Dajianbao-Jipengzi-Base Camp-Summit of First Girl Peak of Four Sisters Mountain, Sunrise of Four Girls Mountain 

Mount Siguniang Trekking for Second Peak Climbing

4 Days Second Peak Climbing of Mount Siguniang Trekking Group

Route: Chengdu - Rilong - Mt. Siguniang - Second Peak Summit 
Mountain Siguniang, Erfeng Climbing, Sunrise of Four Girls Mountain, Trekking Route Rilong-Dajianbao-Jipengzi-Base Camp-Summit of Second Girl Peak of Four Sisters Mountain  

Join Group Tour of Mount Siguniang Climbing

5 Days Group Tour Of Four Girls Mountain Climbing

Route: Chengdu - Rilong - Four Girls Mountain - Dafeng Peak Summit - Erfeng Peak Summit 
Four Girls Mountains, Dafeng & Erfeng Climbing, Climbing Route Rilong-Dajianbao-Jipengzi-Base Camp-Summit of First Girl Peak - Summit of Second Girl Peak

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