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Tibet Tourism Offers Free Travel from October 2019 to March 2020

Can I go to Tibet in winter? What's fun about Tibet in winter? Many people think that travel to Tibet in winter is difficult, like road obstruction, traffic inconvenience, cold bone-chilling, but they never know that winter is warm in Tibet. The bright sunshine, pure air, blue sky, all the blessings by nature will change your impression of winter.
And the better news is that Tibet has introduced a new round of incentives to boost tours in Tibet from Oct 15 to March 15. People can come to visit all the 4A scenic spots in Tibet free of charge including Potala Palace, Yamdrok Yumtso Lake, Mt. Everest Base Camp, etc. The visitor-friendly policy is part of the Tibet Tourism Bureau's third round of winter tours promotion.
Free travel to Tibet to visit Himalayas
 The Himalayas in Tibet and the Highest Peaks of the World
As for Potala, visitors still need to make reservations in advance but receive free admission to the Palace. The ticket price of Potala Palace is RMB200 during the busy season from May 1 to Oct 31, and RMB100 in the offseason from Nov 1 to April 30. To ease the pressure of visitors to Potala Palace during the busy season, tourists should make an appointment one day in advance.
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