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Tibet Opened 7 New Travel Routes including East Everest Tour

TREKKING in East Side of Mt. Everest, also known as Kangshung Face trek, Lulang Yayigou Valley camping, in-depth travel to Pagsum Lake, Sichuan-Tibet highway tour via north and south routes by land, Mt Qiongmugangga camping, classic hiking to Tsurphu Monastery, Doilung Tsangpo River rafting. Those are 7 new travel routes opened by Tibet Tourism Bureau, which is to push tours in Tibet to a high-end and high-quality level.
Trekking in east side of Mt. Everest - Kangshung Face
Camping Site of Kharta Valley Trek - Kangshung Face of Mt. Everest's East Side
Wang Songping, head of the Tibet Tourism Bureau, said that Tibet, with the title of the Third Pole in the World and the Asian Water Tower, is the source of thousands of rivers. The abundance of water resources, together with the seven great mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, makes Tibet have unique and incomparable custom tourism resources in the world.
In order to meet the higher demand of tourists for tour products, and in line with the trend of tourism development and the reality of tourism development in Tibet, the Tourism Development Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region has identified midrange and high-end customized tours as the key directions for the future development of Tibetan tourism.
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