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Coach Service of Ngari-Lhasa North Line Resume Operation

THREE new public buses have started operation from the Ngari passenger terminal, which marks the official resumption of the 7-year suspended coach service of Ngari North Line from Shiquanhe to Lhasa. At present, the Ngari-Lhasa Lines has opened the South Line and the North Line.
The coach service of North Line runs 1,680 kilometers, via Geji, Gerze, Tsochen and other counties along the travel route from Ngari to Lhasa. Tsering Yuandan, general manager of Ngari Regional Transportation Industry Development Corporation, said that the coach service of Ngari has changed its management mode from its previous affiliation to current corporate management model. The relevant rules for the administration of road passenger transport have been gradually improved, and strictly implemented.
Mountain Kailash in Ngari
Considering the long transport distance from Ngari to Lhasa, complicated road conditions and changeable weather, the company has launched vehicles with high altitude full-bearing type, strictly controlled over the number of bus seats, in principle, not exceed 29 seats. Meanwhile, strict implementation of the midnight parking and rest system will further facilitate the safe travel of the local Tibetan people and contribute to the rapid economic and social development and long-term stability of Ngari.
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