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Puruo Gangri Glacier in Tibet Closed to Visitors From June

Puruo Gangri Glacier in Tibet Closed to Tourists for Eco-RestorationACCORDING to officials from Shuanghu County, Nagqu City, Tibet, the Puruo Gangri Glacier in the county will enter an ecological recovery period, and all kinds of tour reception services will be suspended from June 1 to ensure the ecological environment in the ice area continues to improve.
Puruo Gangri Glacier is located 90 kilometers northeast of Shuanghu County and belongs to the core area of Changtang National Reserve. Here the glacier and lake, desert accompany each other. In the surrounding area also can see flocks of Tibetan antelope, wild yak, Tibetan wild donkey and other wild animals.
In recent years, with the rise of self-driving tour and the improvement of traffic conditions, tourists and adventurers travel to Tibet Shuanghu County to visit the region, which has brought a lot of ecological pressure. During the eco-restoration period, the Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Protection of Shuanghu County will jointly carry out the actions of road rehabilitation, garbage collection and illegal crossing rectification to ensure the ecological environment in the glacial region changes better.
Shuanghu County is the highest county in Tibet, located in the northwest of Nagqu City, the hinterland of Changtang National Nature Reserve, with an average elevation of 5,000 meters, rich in wild animals and alpine plants, beautiful and magnificent scenery, but less human activities.
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