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Wild Panda Appeared Again in Sichuan Baishuihe National Nature Reserve

Wild Panda Appeared Again in May, 2018 since 2012A wild giant panda was spotted by an infrared camera in Baishuihe National Nature Reserve in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province of west China, according to the nature reserve on Tuesday. It was the first time a wild panda has been captured by the camera in the nature reserve since 2012.
The video shot on May 22 showed a giant panda walking slowly towards the camera and started to chew it out of curiosity. Staff at the reserve found the video and pictures on May 24 during a routine collection of infrared cameras in the reserve.
The 65 cameras set in the reserve have captured images of several Class-I, II protected animals, including wild pandas, golden monkeys, and gnu.
Giant pandas are endangered and live mainly in the mountains of northern Sichuan Province as well as southern Gansu and Shaanxi provinces in west China.
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