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Jiuzhaigou Airport Reopened after Last Year's Earthquake

Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport reopened after the valley reopened partiallyHUANGLONG Airport in Jiuzhaigou will be reopened on 18th April 2018 after being affected by last year's earthquake. Jiuzhai Huanglong airport is a very important access to the valley of Jiuzhaigou which is a UNESCO nature reserve.
The first travel route linking Jiuzhaigou Valley with Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, will be reopened and operated by Sichuan Airlines. Flights are scheduled for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. 
People can do the Jiuzhaigou tour by flight from Chengdu now. Due to the daily visitor limitation of 2000 tickets available only, you need to reserve the admission ticket of the valley in advance through local travel agencies and must visit the valley accompanied by a local guide, according to the latest regulation. Travelers cannot visit Jiuzhaigou Valley independently at the moment but must be organized by travel agents. 
A magnitude 7 earthquake struck the valley in August 2017. Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve had to be closed temporarily. Meanwhile, Huanglong Airport was closed in December 2017 because of low market demand and fewer tourists due to the earthquake.
This year, Jiuzhai Valley was reopened partially on 8th March. Since the Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport can greatly reduce the travel time between the valley and outside, to meet the growing market demand, the bureau decided to resume its services after mid-April. 
Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport was opened in September 2003. It ever handled 17 direct flights with a passenger throughput of more than 1.4 million every year before last year's earthquake.
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