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Tibet to Limit Number of Visitors to Mount Everest

Number of visitors to Potala Palace and Mt Everest are strictly restricted.TIBET Autonomous Region in west China vows to control the number of visitors in some scenic spots including Mt. Everest Base Camp in order to develop "high quality" tours in Tibet.
The number of tourists will be strictly restricted at some scenic spots. A cap of 5,000 visitors for the Potala Palace was introduced in summer, and the number of tourists to Mt. Everest would be strictly controlled.
Tourism is the main channel for the opening-up of the economic development of Tibet and the main force to improve local Tibetan people's lives, but developing tourism must stick to the bottom line of environmental protection, so Tibet will build more airports and highways and open more airlines for travelers.
Tibet launched a winter tourism promotion program, offering free admission to 115 major tourist attractions including Potala Palace and Everest from February 1 to April 30, plus discounted fees for hotels, local transport, flights and Tibet train tickets.
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