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Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve - First National Park in China to Open in 2020

Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve is the first national park in China to open in 2020FIRST National Park in China will be opened in the Sanjiangyuan area in 2020. Sanjiangyuan National Park is rich in wildlife, including endangered species such as the Tibetan antelope and the snow leopard.
Literally, Sanjiangyuan means source of three rivers. Located in the southern part of Qinghai Amdo in west China, Sanjiangghuan National Park is established to protect the headwaters of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang or Mekong rivers.
Sanjiangyuan National Park, a vast wetland and grassland area on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau started trial operations two years ago. Its environment has degraded due to human activity such as overgrazing. China plans to increase green coverage and wildlife species of the park in the next two years.
Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve was established in Qinghai in 2000. Under the national park management, herders and farmers will be turned into the central forces of environmental protection at Sanjiangyuan. The work is expected to provide jobs, boost incomes and give people an incentive to protect the environment.
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