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Ngari-Kashgar Flight Opened Connects Tibet with Xinjiang

Two flight routes Lhasa and Kashgar to Ngari Gunsa Airport openedCHINA Eastern and Lucky Airlines officially opened the flight route between Kashgar and Ngari (Ali), ending the past without flight between Ngari and Kashgar and marking a brand new start of the connection between Xinjiang and Tibet.
China Eastern's weekly flight MU2131 departs Kashgar at 09:00 every Tuesday, reaches Ngari at 10:35, then MU2132 leaves Ngari at 11:20 and lands in Kashgar at 13:00.
Lucky Air's weekly flight 8L9681 leaves Kashgar at 10:30 every Friday morning, and lands in Shiquanhe of Ngari (Ali) Prefecture at 12:00, return trip 8L9682 takes on the same Friday from 12:40 Shiquanhe Gunsa Airport to Kashgar 14:15.
The People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the Airlines ever succeeded in operating experimental flight 6 years ago. The success of the flight ended the decades-old tradition of traveling overland from Tibet to Xinjiang via road transportation.
Ngari, located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is difficult to reach in the winter, due to frequent natural calamities such as snowstorms, avalanches and landslides. The Central Military Commission and relevant military and government departments have worked together in order to open flights between the two areas. It is regarded as a flight of historic importance for China's aviation industry.
Besides the newly opened air route from the city of Ngari in west China's Tibet Autonomous Region to the city of Kashgar in west China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, daily flight TV9807 07:00-09:00 from Lhasa to Ngari, and TV9808 09:40-11:45 from Ngari to Lhasa, which have been operated by Tibet Airlines for 7 years, open up an entirely new way to travel to Mt. Kailash area of Ngari.
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