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Burqin Travel Guide

Burqin is well-known for its Hanas (Kanasi) Lake, 150km away from Burqin County.

Major Attractions

Hanas (Kanasi) Lake National Nature Reserve

Picture of Hanas-Kanasi-Lake

The Hanas lake looks dark and mysterious, mountain peaks reflecting into the deep waters. It takes on different colors following the four seasons of the year, sometimes it's crystal blue, sometimes it's dark green, or even gray, you may find it containing many colors setting off each another at a time, thus it got a name as the color-changing lake. Mongol nomad still inhabit the area.

How to Get in?

By road

Kanasi Lake is 140 kilometers from Burqin County, and 246 kilometers from Altay City. There are flights to Altay City and tourist coaches to Burqin County via Fuyun from Urumqi. You can enter the nature reserve by car or on horseback with local guides.

Best Time to Come

Because of the long winter in Kanasi, the best time to visit is from June to October. As Kanasi is located along the Chinese border, visitors must have a frontier permit for Burqin County. Permit scan be applied for individually or through us.

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"We had a great time in Xinjiang; thanks for organizing everything! Everything goes very well!Kanas Lake is beautiful! Thanks very much for arranging this for me!"


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