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Nyingtri Travel Guide

With a population of just 3,100 people, Nyingtri is an attractive place to gain a good understanding of a typical Tibetan town. An attractive spot to travelers interested in the historic Bon religion of Tibet, most of the town's inhabitants still practice the religion and there are two active Bon monasteries nearby.

Click here to see the most popular Nyingchi tour, highlights of southeast Tibet like Draksum Tso, Mount Namchabarwa, Lulang Forest, Pome, Midui Glacier,  Ranwu Ngan Tso. 

Major Attractions


Picture of Draksumtso-Basongtso-Lake

Draksum-tso (Basongtso) is an alpine lake at the middle and upper reaches of the Ba River (the largest tributary of the Niyang River). The lake surface is on average about 3,538 meters above sea level and covers an area of 25.9 square kilometers. This emerald lake is also considered a sacred lake by the Tibetans. The main attraction here besides the lake is the islet of Tsodzong in the middle of the lake. A sturdy floating wooden path connects the islet to the mainland. There we explored the 17th century monastery of the Yellow Sect with the temple managed by nuns only.

Lamaling Monastery

Picture of Lamaling Monastery

Located in the village of Burqug, Tibet.About 26km (19 miles) southeast from Bayi Town. Lamaling Monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa (Red) Sect. The architectural design of the monastery is ingenious, magnificent and solemn for its unique mould and exceptional style. The chapel, in a square courtyard, lies in a green enclosure.

The whole monastery looks like a Mandala. It is topped with a golden roof, a pagoda and its walls are painted with white, blue, red and green color belts. There are two Buddhist Halls, three stories high in the monastery, where bronze and golden figures of Master Padmasambhava are displayed. The Nyingma Sect inherited a lot of the traditions of the native Bon religion that respects nature and thinks everything has a spirit. In addition, this sect involves phallic worship and offers sacrifice to genitalia.

Laigu Glacier

Picture of Laigu Glacier

Lying along the upper reaches of Ranwu lake, the 36-kilometre-long glacier could be dated back over 1,000 years. On the glacier, the ice shaped like rocks, pillars, peaks and caves formed as a result of wind erosion.

Giant Cypress

This is a complete forest of huge cypress trees. Among these cypress trees, one is 50 meters high, 18 meters thick, and is about 2,500 years old by inference and is respected as the sacred tree by the local people. The giant cypress, also called Yarlung Tsangpo cypress, is a species peculiar to Tibet. This giant cypress forest records a natural history of several thousand years, and is highly valuable in the studies of plants, climate, geographical and geological conditions, hydrology, air pollution and human activities during the past millennia.

Peach Blossom Valley

Picture of Peach Blossom Valley

This wild peach forest is 5km away from the southeast of the Nyingtri county. Local people call it Peach Valley. The Peach Blossom Valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides. And there are screams in the forest with clear water that one can see the bottom. Countless ripen peaches are hung on the trees and birds are singing in the trees.

The Peach Blossom Valley is a wonderful natural paradise and fruit base. The wild peach forest is a part of the forest zone in Nyingtri. Every March and April peach blossoms of Nyingtri bloom all over the mountains and plains and the annual "Peach Blossom Festival" is held here, which attracts numerous tourists from hinterland and other countries.

Ranwu Lake

Picture of Ranwu Lake

Ranwu Lake is just by the Sichuan-Tibet highway, surrounded by glaciers and Snow Mountains. Thawed snow makes the body; the water appears different colors in different seasons, from aquamarine to turquoise. By the lake are the verdant grassland and plants

Lulang Forest

Where you can view the 15th highest peak in the world, Mt. Namchak Borwa in a distant and enjoy the scenic landscape of pristine forest and glaciers

Midui Glacier

Picture of Midui Glacier

Located in Yupu Township, nearly 100km east of the county of Bome. It's the lowest altitude above sea level in the world. This Glacier is composed of two world-class icy waterfalls each measuring 1,000 meters wide with the altitude from 2,400m to 6,800m. Glistening, soul-stirring ice cliffs are everywhere at the head of the glacier. And its leading edge extends into sub-tropical evergreen broadleaf forests. The glacier descends through four distinctly different seasons of scenery. Snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, villages and temples coexist in harmony, forming a unique natural world of air, ice, snow, rocks, water and living creatures.

How to Get in?

By plane

Flight to Nyingtri is only available from Chengdu operated by Air China everyday. CA4431 leaves from Chengdu every early morning at 07:30 and arrives in Nyingtri at 09:15.

By road

Nice trip to depart from Lhasa to Nyingtri to appreciate the Switzerland View of Nyingtri by road.

Best Time to Come to Travel Nyingchi

The average temperature in winter is above 0 °C, and 20 °C around in summer. It's obvious to feel the four seasons in Nyingtri, but not very hot in summer, not very cold in winter. The lowest place in Nyingtri is 1,900m, and the highest 2,300m.

Best time is from October to April. Rainy season is from May to September. Plenty of rainfalls could result into landslide and mudflow.

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