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Qinghai Travel Guide

Picture of Qinghai Location MapQinghai Province lies on the Northeast of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and borders upon Gansu and Xinjiang. A branch of the Silk Road goes off westward from Lanzhou. Capital of Gansu Province, to Xining and Golmud in Qinghai Province, and then turns Northward to Dunhuang to join the main Silk Road. The scenic spots and historical sites along this part of the Silk Road in Qinghai include Qinghai Lake, the Birds Island, the Salt Lake and Ta'er Lamasery, etc. It's the originating station of the Qingzang Railway, or Qinghai-Tibet Railway. All the train to Lhasa would stop in Xining to change for another sky train except the train from Beijing.


Tibetan people are mainly resident in 6 autonomous prefecture of the south, north and west of Qinghai. There are 675 Tibetan Buddhism monasteries, 2 Buddhism schools and 508 Living Buddha.


Picture of Butter Sculptures in Ta Er MonasteryXining, capital of Qinghai province, western China. Located in a valley of the Huang River, on what was traditionally the main trade route from northern China into Tibet, the region was a frontier county under the Han dynasty and again under the Sui and Tang. In 763 it was taken by Tibetans and called Qingtangcheng. It was recovered by the Song dynasty in 1104 and renamed Xining (meaning "Peace in the West"). It became an important religious centre under the Tibetans, and Qinghai's largest lamasery-Ta'er Monastery was nearby.


An autonomous prefecture of Qinghai province in China. The prefecture has area of 17,921 km² and its capital is Tongren county (the historic region of Rebkong).


Picture of Sunset on Qinghai PlateauYushu is an autonomous prefecture in Qinghai. The prefecture has an area of 188,794 square kilometers and its capital is Gyegu township (Gyegu Zhen) in Yushu county, which is the place of the old Tibetan trade mart of Jyekundo (Gyegu). The area belongs to the cultural realm of Kham in eastern Tibet

Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Short for Hainan Prefecture. It gets its name because it is located in the south of Qinghai Lake. Its total area is 46,000 sq km. Its capital, Qiabuqia Town, Gonghe County, is 144 km from Xining City, capital of Qinghai Province.


Picture of Menyuan Rape FlowersLocated in the northeast of Qinghai Province and between Qinghia lake North bank and Qilian Mt southern section with total area of 34,000 sq km. It is plateau continent climate with northwest---southeast land inclination. There are three landforms: Qilian Plateau area, Qinghai Lake northern basin area and Haomen valley area. Its unique natural scenery and natural resources, due to its special geology condition, has laid a solid foundation for tourism, industry, agriculture and husbandry development.

Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Picture of Praer Flag on Qinghai LakeAn autonomous prefecture in Qinghai. Haixi has an area of 325,785 km² and its capital is Delingha. The name literally means "west of the Qinghai Lake"


Located in the southeast of Qinghai Province with total area of 75,000sq km and grassland area of 5.91 million ha. There are six counties and 51 villages with total population of 125,000. It capital is suited in Dawu Town, Maqin County, 440 km from Xining City. It is a Tibetan -inhabited husbandry prefecture and only small part is agriculture area. Main population is Tibetan and totally 14 ethnic groups including Han, Hui, Saler, Tu are dwelled here.

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