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Tibet Travel News: Tibet Tourism Bureau has lifted Tibet travel restrictions enforced in 2012-2013. Tours to Tibet were reopened on Mar. 24 without group size limitation or nationality ban on Austria, Korea, Philippines, Italy, UK, Vietnam, Norway. Travel West China as local Lhasa-based travel agency is operating Tibet tours with discounted prices, quality services, providing latest Tibet travel information & updated Tibet permit situation, getting Tibet travel permits 2015.

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Tibetan Horse Year of 2014 for Mt. Kailash Trekking & Inner Kora

2014 is the Year of Horse for a spritual tour to Kailash, and Saga Dawa Festival falls on June 13. Trekking around Mt. Kailash once in the Horse Year is equal to 13 koras, which will enrich good Karma 12 times and purge Souls of Sin 12 times.

[Read More about Tibetan Horse Year of 2014 for Mt. Kailash Trekking & Inner Kora]

Trans-Himalaya Tours to Tibet & Friendship Highway to Nepal

Trans-Himalaya tour route covers Lhasa express sky train to Tibet, highlights of Tibet tours, along Friendship Highway to Nepal across Mt. Qomolangma. Operated by our professional Tibet travel team to have an unforgettable tibet tour.

[Read More about Trans-Himalaya Tours to Tibet & Friendship Highway to Nepal]

Kangshuang Face Trekking

Kangshung face trek has remained untouched by Tibet trekking fans. Kangshung face lies to the east of Mt. Everest and is often referred to unvisited side of Mt. Qomolangma, which is a pity to Tibet tourism, not only Kangshung Glacier but spectacular view.

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West China Travel Guide

Tibet Travel Guide
Tibet travel, at least once in a lifetime for many people, a must-go place to visit. Besides the classic holy city tour to Lhasa, we'll guide you to explore more undiscovered tours in Tibet with Tibet Travel Permits.
Sichuan Travel Guide
Sichuan, the Heavenly Kingdom (Tianfu Zhiguo), not only it's rich natural resources and ancient civilization, but also unique Tibetan culture in Garze and Ngawa contributing to Sichuan Tours. 
Yunnan Travel Guide
Yunnan is famous for its "autonomous prefectures" for various ethnic groups, it is the province who has the most ethnic groups in China. Tourist resources are quite abundant for travel to Yunnan.
Qinghai Travel Guide
Named after Qinghai Lake, the Koko Nor. Travel to Amdo to explore more unknown beauties and mysteries of the Tibetan Plateau, also known as Qinghai-Tibet Plateau or Qingzang Plateau though the Sky Train - Qingzang Railway or Qinghai-Tibet Railway is well-known.
Xinjiang Travel Guide
Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is on the traditional Silk Road. Travel to Xinjiang is travel to a land of song and dance, melons and fruits, precious stones, and carpets.

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When you are planning your China tours, you might find the travel destinations are always Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, or the Terra Cotta Warriors. Maybe it's fresh for the travelers' first visit to China. But you? You have... [Read More about Why West China]
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Travel West China agency is a leading Tibet tour operator addressed to people who's to discover and explore greater Tibet region. We firstly began to operate tours in Tibet in 1995. Till this year, we have specialized t... [Read More about Our Team]

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